Fathering…”The Fish’s”

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I wish I could describe to you how much fun I am having with my kids this week.

OHHHHHHH….However, I must be honest…10 hours one day of working with our eldest on being obedient and his refusal to listen obediently to our directions took its toll on this “old” man. It drove me to exhaustion and precipitated some feelings of anger and hurt. But we worked through it, albeit slowly and painfully, he is beginning to understand what obedience looks like. Thank you Jesus.

After our struggle to be obedient this week we did something today that we haven’t done in a couple weeks. We went fishing. That’s right I took the 3 Amigos out for a day of fishing. WOW, I am so glad SuperMom, Grandad, and I taught them how to fish a couple weeks ago. Once we settled into our spot, they all visited the woods to pee at least 4 times each before we even all got to cast once. (frustrating)

Once we got to fishing those pesky little fish kept stealing our worms, so every 30 secs to 1min, we were replacing worms…then it happened. Mowgli bagged a largemouth…however he swallowed the hook and died so we kept him close to shore to take home….then after catching more weeds, a small tree, and the trees on shore, I finally bagged the finale fish of the day…about one and a half the size of Mowgli’s, we now have a pair of largemouth bass that we are going to filet and enjoy this evening…

I am glad to share these memories with my children. As their father, I desire to see them grow up and I hope and pray they will still be able to tie a knot, cast a rod, throw a frisbee, catch a ball, play an instrument, read and comprehend, kick a ball, ride a bike, and ultimately Love; God and others, like they see Mami and Papi do. :)

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