Fathering…”the ride”

the ride, originally uploaded by Abba’s Girl.

When did you learn to ride a bike? Remember your first time? I sure do.

Just the other day I took Monkey and Mowgli on their 1st mountain bike ride. Although it isn’t completely fair, they had to ride their single speed ‘bmx’ style bikes. Although singlespeed is really cool, not so on a bmx bike. They were tackling the heavy roots with ease. Bobbing and bouncing as if they were riding a bucking bull.

We ended up getting through the 4 mile trail unscathed. As I reflect back on that afternoon under the canopy of trees I will always remember their giggles as they were laughing so hard when we were going over a very rough patch of roots sticking up. They had so much fun. So did I. We were able to enjoy seeing the swollen Ohio river as we rode along the mountain 100ft or so above the rivers edge.

Is this what God feels like? I wonder, if our heavenly father who has adopted us into his family has as much joy as I had exploring a very familiar mountain bike trail with childlike awe!?!?

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  1. Jessica says:

    It’s really cool to read your blog and the insights and joys you are experiencing now as a father. It’s cool how having kids changes our perspective, isn’t it? :-)