Corruption of the Few!

    Over the last couple of weeks supermom and I have been keeping close eyes on a subject that is dear to our hearts….No, not the "economic" crisis we seem to be in, (we’ll talk about that in later posts)  but the tragedy of our agency.

    When seraching for adoption agencies, a couple years ago, we fell in love with CHI.  Now CHI is slowly fading away, due to some unscrupulous  individuals that worked for them. I deal with Christian organizations as a profession and I have worked for and still work for different ones.  One thing I know is that Good Christian Organizations are run by people, and people are not perfect…just take a look at David or read Romans 3:23. 

    CHI is fading away and the fragment that is left is trying to pick up the pieces.  They are no longer able to fulfill adoptions in many countries because they lack the necessary credentials that were stripped from them because a handful of people that used to work for them, lied.   

    This makes us sad.  So as our government attempts to ‘solve’ a global economic ‘crisis’ we gasp and hold on to hope that our adoption agency, which we love and are grateful for, is able to once again unite families together forever.

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  1. Phyllis Kern says:

    Just checking in on your family.

    It is so sad about CHI. I hope the transition to other agencies are smooth for families. What a heartache.

    How are the kids? I love your recent picture collage. Looks like they are growing and thriving, which is what it’s all about:)

    LC just celebrated her 2nd birthday. We’re in the process of filling out paperwork for our 2nd adoption. I think we’re in for a long wait this time around.

    Take care