Dead Animal!

    A couple nights ago, our cat, was acting kind of strange.  She was chasing an imaginary animal in our sun room.  Staring intently at the wall and pawing at the floor we thought she was going a little senial.  We couldn’t see anything but she was on alert attacking the wall and pacing back and forth ready to pounce on whatever she was stalking.

    She is old so we just let her be in her world of imaginary fun.  Ohhhh how wrong we were.  The next morning supermom went to work on the compy in the computer room and the stench of dead animal overwhelmed her.  After about an hour of contemplating the smell of the litter box, the smell of the area still smelled worse than a litter box.  So the family deep cleaned the sun room, but to no avail.   The cat must have been on to something, no she didn’t die (unfortunately), but something else did.  We have come to the sober conclusion, after checking the crawl space and attic that there is a dead animal trapped between our walls somewhere and it STINKS.  Aside from cutting holes between every stud in our walls to find the critter, we must wait this out.  Glad that the air outside is crisp and clear.   So it makes the waiting a little more bareable. 

    This morning I took the boys with me under the house and Manny, our littlest, excitedelly exclaimed, "Dead Animal, I going to get Dead Animal!"  Oh how I love being a dad.

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