Sign of the times

Listening to the radio here on the local pop/rock station I hear a song that is popular come on.  Rockstar by Nickelback.   In the song there are references to drugs and other things a “rockstar” of superstardom would be tempted with.  I sometimes find myself listening to this song but this one day I had an epiphany.  This is the sign of our times.   When this popular radio station and pop music and culture in general are telling of the society we live in.  Why? You may ask is this a ‘sign of our times.’

First off, most radio edits to modern music bleep out words or phrases that have been deemed inappropriate for public use.  However that standard has slowly been bent and pushed over the years to the point where 2 different radio stations have different radio ‘edit’ versions of the same song.  (mostly due to the stations producers interpretation of that word ‘inappropriate’) But this particular song, Rockstar, had one word cut out, (I know this because I have heard both the uncut version and another radio stations radio edited version)   That word was the word “PILLS.”

I thought, isn’t it ironic that they would let words and phrases like “girls come easy and the drugs come cheap”  and “playboy bunnies” make the radio edit while editing the word ‘pills’ from the phrase “pop my pills from a pez dispenser.”   But being a youth minister and working with teens helps me understand why. Teens today are struggling with addictions to prescription drugs and “pills” have quickly become the number one teen problem.

Although I don’t condone such behavior or even like such lyrics in music, this is the kind of songs that are played at high school football games, middle school and high school dances and on popular radio stations all throughout America.  In case you don’t listen to anything but Christian music, I would challenge you to know what is being fed to our Children’s minds through their ears.

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