Another Reason to Adopt!

This is by far one of the best reasons to adopt.  Today we picked up my mother and little brother from the airport.  We brought them to our house and settled in for the night.  We tucked the kids into bed and began to wind down, when supermom says, “Honey, we (means ME) should turn the water heater up so that everyone can have a warm shower in the morning.”  Okay, sounds like a great idea. 

So I ran to the toolbox grabbed the appropriate supplies and began the tedious task of cleaning out the closet and contorting my body into the tight small space the water heater occupies.  So I got it turned up and now the fun part….  Putting the cover over the dial.  When all of a sudden, the metal door I am getting ready to screw in place makes contact with a couple of the exposed wires causing a “harmless” spark that then starts the insulation on a burn. “OH CRAP!” and like superman, I rip the sliding door off its hinge, throw the paint cans off the fire extinguisher we bought because of our adoption pre screening.   Rip it out of a box like a baby during a C-section, and pop the little pin off, AIM, FIRE,  the fire is out…..YAYYYYYYY.   Now I gotta clean up the mess and reset the breaker, all is well in the Huerta home.

Thanks to the adoption Home Study which scared us into buying a fire extinguisher!

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  1. Julie A. says:

    This is a very funny post! Good job extinguishing the very hazardous situation! We have TWO fire extinguishers that we were scared into buying.

    Just wanted to say “HI” and see if you were coming to the Colombia REUNION next weekend???