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We sure live in a different world.  Not really. Let me explain.

Do you know what the most popular mobile social networking tool is?  If you don’t, then get ready for something that will shake your world the likes you haven’t seen since you could carry your phone in your pocket.  The, now mature application, of Twitter.  Find it at  For those of you already in the know, what are you tweeting these days? Watch this video for the best explanation.  

In 2007 I was scouring the web for ways to connect my online calendar and my to do list to my phone from the confines of my computer and the WWW, when I discovered Twitter.  I signed up, and began using apps that accomplished that task, so I could send little text messages to my google calendar with appointments I made throughout my day.  I could also send text message reminders to my online to do list.  All the while being out and about away from my computer, meeting, eating, and playing with the "real world."  So that when I got back to my computer, all my tasks would be there at my computer for me to sort, all my appointments waiting neatly in the days I gave them.  So that is how I got started Tweeting.  Then something happened, mySpace became, my so boring space and facebook drew me in, then twitter connected to facebook and voila, I can now tweet my status updates and never need to access the web!!!!!!  (until I want to)   Then I had this thought…..

Is twitter really that new.  Everywhere I see people saying "Follow Me" on twitter @______ is my name and you can follow me….. everyone wants to have some followers but I’m here to proclaim, that I think Jesus was the ultimate first ever Tweeter!!!!  Check it out…

Speaking to Simon and Andrew in  Matthew 4:19 (NIV) Jesus says "Come Follow Me!  If Jesus had a twitter account what would that look like? 

Until then, you can follow me @jhcuatro!!!!!!!!!

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