Make it stop!

I am a bit overwhelmed as of late.  I have been doing lots of research, reading, watching and writing on media, ministry, and teens.  I have also found a love of the documentary.  I just finished watching a trailer for a documentary that disturbs me.  Although, SuperSize me, focused on the obesity of America through McDonalds.  This documentary focuses on how our society is creating “SuperConsumers.”

We feel this pressure as parents, I surely understand it from my childhood experiences, but when I watch what is being promoted and fed to American children through the “Tube.”  My knees get weak and my eyes swell up.  I want to throw the TV out the window.  I want to move to Alaska or Iceland and live at the foot of some mountain.  It breaks my heart to see kids forget how to play, how to show grace and mercy to one another.  I want to scream, STOP!

My heart aches for the millions of children who will grow to be adults and not know how to say “NO” to stuff, to things!  The rise in weight related illness amongst children is staggering.  Kids are sedating themselves to death, and the collective ‘we’ as parents are allowing it to happen.  But The cycle has started, how can we break it?

(Here is the trailer to Consuming Kids)

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  1. Jessica says:

    I totally agree with you! This is really scary! We try to shelter them from commercials, shopping the toy aisle, etc, but it is getting harder and harder. So far they really don’t have the “gimmees”, but I know that won’t last forever. When asked at Christmastime what she wanted for Christmas, H said she wanted a baby brother (or sister would be okay, too!). (mom note: sorry, that didn’t happen!) I’m sure the man who asked her expected her to say a Barbie or some Princess stuff or something. Hey, I didn’t even expect her answer!

    It comes down to what do we want to be teaching our kids? In our home we try hard to focus on being thankful for what we have, being content, and not being wasteful. We talk about kids in other countries (or even our country) who don’t have the things we do.

    You might be interested in these websites. As a family I think we will try some modification of these ideas this summer.