New Life

It has been several months since we last blogged.  For that we are seriously sorry.  We have started many new things and enjoyed many exciting times together. 

Last week several things happened for us.  First, we tore carpet out of our sunroom and painted the floor (it’s like a basement floor now).  We finally got rid of the ugly green carpet and have a more clean, feeling and smelling room.  Secondly, a crippling ice storm left an inch of ice, 3-5 inches of snow and power outages all throughout our region.  Luckily, our big tree that broke in two didn’t hit our house.  The ice kept kids out of school from last tues until tomorrow…(the following tuesday).  Finally, Supermom and I became an Aunt and Uncle for the first time last week.  We now are the pround Tio and Tia to our Niece!  YIPEEEEE….

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