What do we teach our kids?

Well, it has been exactly 1 month since the ice storm terrorized our community.  Like something out of a freaky winter storm natural disaster more widespread than the tornado or the hurricane that blew through last year.  This ice crippled our region for over 2 weeks.  Schools were cancelled for more than a week and up to 2 weeks in some cases.

With the widespread loss of power and the bone chilling cold, many of our neighbors sought shelter in other neighbors or other friends or families homes that happened to have either a fireplace and wood or propane for cooking.   Some lost lives burning charcoal grills inside, others were overcome with carbon monoxide from the generator running in their garages.  Still we are left with the remnants of the deadening ice.

It has always been amazing to me to think of the gulf coast, in and around New Orleans, and how they could still be cleaning up.  But now I understand, sure it’s only been a month, most houses are repaired, and for the most part people are back to their routines, yet we are left with cluttered curbs, ditches, sidwalks, lawns and homes.  Branches, big and small, are piled up all along any road you drive in any direction from here.  So today, I had an epiphany.

Why do I just drive by it all, waiting, hoping, praying that the ‘city’ (government) will come to the rescue anytime soon?!  It’s been a month and it feels like they are happy that we have restored power, nevermind the little beaver dams that line our city streets, and drainage systems.  So, this afternoon after work, I took my kiddos to load up my truck with our neighbors branches and limbs to haul them to the city dump.  When my children asked why are we picking up the sticks from their yard; I replied, “Because we are helping our neighbor, that’s what neighbors do! It’s what Jesus would do!”  “OK, Papi!”

Then it hit me, the church needs to wake up and help their city, NO, it’s not an emergency, and yes there are people with big machines that will make lots of money chipping wood for months, but can’t we as the body of Christ restore our community? Do we need to really wait on the government to remove the debris?  Is this how lazy we really are?

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