Why I became a Christian!

Because someone once told me that Hell was real!  I believed and still believe them.  The last few days as I drive home, I have been thinking, why does the church strive to identify with the grace of Christ?  Then yesterday, it hit me, I remember turning the steering wheel in my truck (I have a Big red truck, some say it’s a Napolean complex, I disagree) and saying AHA.

In a small group I was part of several years back, my leader defined grace for me.  He also defined mercy for me and the definitions have stuck ever since.   Grace is getting something we don’t deserve, while Mercy is not getting something we deserve.

I don’t hear the word Mercy tossed around in the Christian subculture I stay connected to.  To be honest, it saddens me a bit.  Mercy I believe is why I became a Christian.  His grace wasn’t made known until later in my journey.  Why did I first learn about his Mercy?  Because, we must understand his Mercy before we can accept his Grace!

What are your thoughts?

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