Why I could never be a Senior Pastor!

My wife doesn’t play the piano!

I say that tongue and cheek but I was thinking about that today at church. I grew up in a Southern Baptist church.  Commonplace in our regular weekly worship services was a pianist, organist and minister of music.  Usually the pianist or organist was the spouse of the pastor.

Today, that was how the scenario looked at our contemporary worship service. As I walked into the service, I was surprised to hear a solo piano and see us singing out of hymnals.  Why?  Because our service is a contemporary service that usually has a piano accompanied by several guitarists, a drummer and vocal accompaniment.  All the worship team was out this weekend and they needed music, now I know it sounds kind of odd but that is the nature of our worship service. 

Hearing the old hymns again brought back several emotions and thoughts, firstly about the idea that although my wife can play guitar, she is not a pianist , so if that excludes me from some senior pastor roles, then so be it.  I don’t believe God has called me to the senior pastor roll anytime soon.  Until then maybe my wife can start taking lessons when (or if) I go to seminary!

Lastly, do I think the church needs to present the “Timeless truth of the gospel with Timely Methods ,” as Mark Driscoll puts it?  Yes I do and I think we need to re-evaluate if, how and when we use hymnals at all, in the context of modern contemporary worship where screens have replaced decorative wall hangings behind the pulpit in churches.  That speaks to how timely our methods are at relating the gospel in a clear way.  We use the hymnal in our home to teach song, rhythm, doctrine and verse to our young children.

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  1. Wendi says:

    I am so glad you are posting again!!! I love to read your posts! Just recently, Ben was ordained as Senior Pastor of our small church. I grew up in a Southern Baptist Church, and in college went to a non-denominational church and later to a Pentecostal church that I thought was “Rockin’ ” , because who in the world would have thought about bringing drums into the sanctuary! I grew up in a box, and am so blessed to have been able to experience different forms of worship outside the hymns…

    BUT, concerning being a “PW”– I had to laugh! I had the same thought. I am totally not musically inclined! Can’t carry a note or strum a guitar. Ben can play the piano, guitar, and sing…and the preaching is a gift, too. I’ve asked myself and God many times, “Where do I fit?”

    I am so not the traditional pastor’s wife. I sometimes have to remind people that I cannot play the role of those who have gone before me. I’m not a “barbie doll”, and secretly, I really don’t like all the “fru-fru.” I don’t like to pat people on the back, and tell them it will be okay, when sin is obvious in their life. I’m more straight forward…and sometimes, I even forget to use my “filter!” I’m not the “first lady”; I am “Justa-sista” like you and everyone else… I am someone who is journeying thru life with struggles that I can’t explain; I have not reached some level of spirituality that I have the answer or can solve every woman’s dilemma. I am Wendi. Nothing special. No special talents or giftings, but yet I mean the world to the Father. Just like everyone else…

    It’s hard being a PW regardless if your spouse is a SR. Pastor, Assoc. Pastor, Youth Pastor or any other form of Lead Pastor. I believe we have struggles of our own that only those who have experienced that role understand. Many times they are unfair expectations of our congregations, and sometimes, they are our own. I have often wondered if there were ministries designed specifically for PWs.

    I’d love to have you & your wife’s email contact. We’d love to meet up with your fam if we’re in your area. She sent me some info on coupon shopping once, not sure that I saved the e-mail. Oh, and I love photography! Would love to glean any tips from anyone. Do you guys have a FB account? If so, look Ben and me up…we’d love to share ministry ideas!

    Have a great week! (Sorry for the long post!)