Creative Play

I came home yesterday and supermom shared with me all the fun, exciting and not so exciting things that happened in her day.  Then she told me the story of how Manny, our youngest, was playing with his trucks and legos and what not.  He ended up having a conversation with his imaginary friends, which seem to be charicatures of people we interact with on a daily basis.  Well she went on to record what he said and did.  The background noise of my wife’s day looks like this.

(In Manny’s Play world)
We goin to da stor!
Hey lets go to wa-mat.
i wike (like) 2 sodas for me and my kid…I’m tha poppy.
and ahhhhhhh
Yeah, A big one for me cause I’m tha poppy.

I know you won’t be able to quite get the picture without hearing the different inflections and intonations that he has, but just imagine your kids around 2 years old trying to speak…makes sense but sounds cute!  Maybe we’ll have some video or something in the future, *cross fingers.

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