Our Responsibility

Our children need guidance. They need direction. We have a responsibility. Deuteronomy 6: 5-8. They will need you (see video in sidebar or at bottom). It is our responsibility to teach our kids. We can’t expect this responsibility to be handed off to any one other than ourselves. “Impress them (the commandments) on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.”

Why do you think God says this to the people of Israel?  I believe it has to do with obedience and habit.  God has expectations that we would obey.  Kind of like the obedience we expect to see from our children when asked to complete a school assignment or help out around the house.  We are responsible for who they grow to be.  They are responsible for what they do.  But doing is a byproduct of being.  I have been the head high school soccer coach for this year and I must say it is rewarding and insightful.  I love it, although I can’t wait to spend more time at home.  I have seen parenting decisions that are so hard to make, but give me confidence that those young men will grow to do some amazing things because of who they are. Not because they are great athletes, but because their parents continue to take the time to discipline, love, guide, and instruct them.

The conviction and desire to mold and shape our children into Godly men and women has to supersede our desire or their desire to attain worldly achievements, that may in the end result in fruitlessness.  In other words, we need to have a 10-20 year vision of their future, while your child or other people may only have a weekly or at best yearly view of their future.  Because when that $1k instrument is gathering dust in the garage, or those $250 pair of basketball shoes get their first holes, or brand new car gets rear ended in the school parking lot, or that knee gets twisted from sand volleyball while on vacation, what you have taught your child about life and adversity and how you have shaped their character with your integrity will reflect you.

It is your responsibility to train your child.  Surround them with men and women of integrity including yourselves and one day, they too will “be” those same men and women.

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  1. Great video and great post. This is a good reminder to all parents, whatever the age of their child(ren). They need us. They need us to point them to Christ. This is the MOST IMPORTANT thing. We can’t let worldly worries or activities or others’ expectations get in the way.