the worries of the few

A couple of days ago this video came across my facebook friends list.  99 balloons (see in video sidebar).. I watched it for the first time a year ago.  But it didn’t change the fact that it is still so powerful.  I was reduced to tears with my chest convulsing in heartache.  Then as I sat for the next 15 mins after watching it, I couldn’t get the sound of the father’s voice from the video out of my head.  It resonated with me because his voice calmly yet honestly gave me hope.  His conviction that God’s purpose for his life, his wife’s life and his son’s life was sure.   He was sure that God is who he says he is, that his plans supersede our desires.

This young father’s voice became my heavenly father’s voice proclaiming, No matter what happens with your current situation, I will always be your father, and I want to cherish every day we have left together, even if it may be 99 days.  Let’s live every day to the fullest, together.  I am God and I LOVE you, enjoy!

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