N.A.M (09) Homeschooling

We recently listen to an old Focus on the Family series on parenting and homeschooling.  Where Dr. Dobson was interviewing Lisa Whelchel, the author of Creative Correction and actress that played Blair on on the 1980′s sitcom Facts of Life.  In the interview she talked about her reason for homeschooling, not all the auxillary reasons like dissatisfaction with public schools or the myriad of other auxillary reasons families cite.  Instead I commend her for even standing her ground with Dr. Dobson and saying the most important reason.  TIME!  If we want to shape and influence our children to assume the same value structure we hold, wouldn’t it be pertinent that spending Time with them helps fortify, solidify and establish that for them.  So we didn’t want to sacrifice the time it takes to have the greatest influence on our children.

Having adopted children really makes this evident to us.  We are already at a disadvantage right out of the gate.  We have limited time to make up for the previous years they did without.  We, specifically my wife, strongly desire to home educate.   Our field trips are family vacations, our camping trips become a combination of home-ec, PE, and history.  Time is the greatest benefit we have in home education.  Even though space is at a premium and the tables transform into desks, floors into science experiments, and family walks to the park act as PE, the family is together, learning together, living together, serving and giving together.

Now, we have no problem with the school system, in fact we live next to a very nice elementary school.  My wife has taught in public and private schools, I substitute teach, and am a high school coach and since my calling is to work with teens, you will find me in public schools on a weekly basis.   We don’t want to shelter our children from the world but we want to provide the basis for their experience of the world so that they are properly equipped to be God fearing productive members of our society, less focused on survival but on thriving!  Home education provides that for us.  We enjoy this freedom.

Hang in there…we’re in this together.

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  1. karen says:

    This is specifically why we chose to homeschool our older biological children and now our newest children. We feel like we have missed so much time with them and what better way to teach them the necessities of education and about how our family works then to be togther as much as possible. There are days they make me crazy, but with the issues our oldest especially has with trust I think it has and will continue to help him tremendously.
    I have loved your posts so far this month! As we waited for our assignment I remember checking your blog (and wishing your would write more :) . I think it is so encouraging and helpful to hear from parents who are further along in the process. Your insights and writing are wonderful. Keep writing!