N.A.M (09)-Moldable pt.2

Sticking with the analogy of clay and adoption… I continue with this thought from yesterdays post.

We have seen that it takes more and more time to shape, bend, guide and reshape.  Because their little bodies, hearts and minds have more to overcome because of their prior circumstances.  They get dried faster than the well adjusted and loved child that had time to bond with their mother and challenge their father.  As the baby weens from the mother there is a bond that is formed with the father.

This process is all disrupted and institutionalization begins.  The clay begins to dry, no more water is added and the shape of the little people are dangerously incomplete.  Sometimes when the potter steps away for too long and when the wheel stops spinning, the shape is left in a crude mess.  We see this in the difference between our eldest son who was 5 -1/2 years old when he was removed from his home and our daughter who was 2-1/2.

We love all our children dearly, but speaking with honest reflection, we notice how hard it has been and how dry our eldest son’s “clay” was when we brought him home, relative to his younger sister and especially relative to his younger brother (4-1/2 years yonger).  We have just now, almost 3 years later, added the proper amount of water to get the clay workable again and begin to mold and teach.

Prior to this, we have been in survive and keep alive mode, just add enough to bring the clay back to life… we saw some of this rejuvenation last night in honest emotion that is rare but he showed as we walked in discipline with our son; it’s tough, but it’s worth it…hang in there if you can relate, we are in this together! (continued Tomorrow)

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