N.A.M (09) Moldable pt.1

For those that don’t keep up with Adoption world life. The month of November is celebrated in America as the National Adoption Month. This month’s posts for me will focus on adoption. Most basic adoption questions have been answered in other posts related to adoption on this site (search “Adoption”), so this month I will celebrate with you what I’ve learned about adoption. (from a father’s perspective)

There are several analogies to us as “clay” in the potters hand. When I was about 12 or 13 my mother took this pottery making class that she made me and my 2 little brothers go to. So as she was sitting in class in this old building in the middle of town, we would work on our homework in the hallway, or wander through the building trying not to break anything. I remember watching my mom and the class throw the clay on the wheel, once they did that, it’s like the clay just went splat, then they would take their wet hands and begin to push, pull, stretch and guide the lump of wet clay into a shape. Seemed easy enough, so when I was allowed to try with a small residual lump, I made a little cup. I think I broke that mug…hmmmm. There was one thing I remember very clearly was the amount of water you had to keep applying to the clay as you worked it, it would eventually be very difficult to continue to form without water. In fact the drier the clay got the harder it was to work, duh!

As I relate this idea to our adoption. Being that we adopted older children, this idea is worth exploring. I believe that children are mold-able. I know not many people will argue with that idea but I also believe that adults are mold-able as well. So somewhere on the spectrum between childhood and adulthood we become more set for the kiln.  Death is the Kiln in this instance, because we are not in our final state until then.  (eternity and all)   So taking this idea that kids are moldable apply it to adoption and you begin to understand what time does to the process.  Time is the enemy when you adopt older children as gravity is the enemy to flight.  (continued Tomorrow)

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