I have thouroughly explained our heart and desire to adopt in several of my posts. You can find those by visiting the  category of our blog     


You can also read more about our adoption journey on our agency website, HERE or HERE.  Briefly, we adopted 3 children: 3, 5, & 8 years old in January 2007.  We adopted from Colombia, South America through Childrens Hope International, with the help of many family, friends and Shohanah’s Hope.  We are missionaries to US Military teenagers with Youth For Christ.  Adoption is only part of our complex journey as a missionary family.

We  are very glad that we adopted children to complete our family and would love to help you walk through that process as well.  Our desire is to have a blog that parents can read for encouragement from my walk as a dad, wy wife’s love as a photographer and our children’s desire to be loved.  We are Christians and will voice our love for our savior and make no apologies for our belief and our love and advice will come from that worldview.  So, sit back, we hope you enjoy reading and make us one of your favorite places, everyday.